What Is The Best WiFi Solution For Large Areas & Events?

If you are organising an event in an especially large space, there are many important implications. A list of logistical factors come into play when putting hosting an event in a large building or wide outdoor area – from security to transport and scheduling.

One element you certainly shouldn’t disregard is WiFi, as there are some key considerations to make when providing internet in a big space. But don’t fret – here are some important qualities in a large area WiFi solution that you should look out for:

What Is The Best Wifi Solution For Large Areas & Events

No Bandwidth Restriction

With many people in a space all trying to use the WiFi network, you could be heading for some bandwidth issues without the right WiFi solutions for large buildings in place. When you are discussing the job with them, ask providers of WiFi for large events to provide evidence that their solution can offer sufficient bandwidth for the attendance you have in mind. Look for proof of the latest technologies, such as dual-band WiFi.

Solid WiFi With No Drop-Outs

The solution which you are using should be tested on-site in order to ensure that everyone can get, and stay, connected, even in the most challenging venues. You need a continuous connection that doesn’t have a habit of dropping out. There’s not much point having a working WiFi connection if it’s only working 95% of the time! Would you be 100% happy?

Sufficient Mobile Data Coverage For Marketing

You might already have a marketing team in place for your event, but in truth, some of the best marketing can be done by the attendees themselves. If they can Snapchat, post Instagram stories or livestream from your event, you’ll get some great exposure. So, ensuring that your large area WiFi solution provides enough mobile data coverage is crucial to achieving a groundswell of organic marketing over the course of your event.

Supports Any Broadcast Requirements

Live streaming from your event – whether that be musical performances, seminars or product launches – also necessitates careful consideration. In these cases, a standard WiFi solution for a large area might not be sufficient. You should look to partner with a large event WiFi provider which is able to provide all the on-site expertise and back up you need, including an experienced engineer present for the event, and multiple dedicated streams for the broadcast itself.

Have you got a massive event coming up? Trust the experts at Event WiFi – we can assure you all the benefits outlined above can be integrated into your WiFi solution. Call us today on +44 (0)207 1111 656.

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