At Event WiFi, we pride ourselves on being able to provide super-fast, rock-solid internet connections and WiFi anywhere it’s humanly possible to go. To do that, we deploy the most cutting-edge technology available, whether using satellite links, mobile networks or existing venue connections.

The next-generation satellite technology we use delivers greater speeds and ensures reliable, always-on internet access by bonding multiple connections together. This means we can deliver super-fast internet by simply adding more connections.

When using mobile networks, we can use multiple 4G LTE (long term evolution) connections from different providers and bond them together into a single connection. It means data can travel along several of these ‘pipes’ at the same time and then be re-assembled at the Event WiFi data centre. So, if any one provider’s signal fails, our connection doesn’t, and your WiFi stays on.

  • 30+ megabits download / 10+ megabits upload
  • Accessible by vehicle? Accessible by us!
  • Never limited by existing connection

Eco-Powered WiFi Technology

Our WiFi base stations provide wireless internet access within a 300-metre radius. We can then add repeater sub-stations to extend coverage over any size of area.

We now also have WiFi base stations that are completely self-powered, running from integral rechargeable batteries. This means no location is too remote and no venue is off limits due to lack of power supply. And instead of having to sort out where to plug in, we just switch on the base station and you’re connected in minutes. Again, additional self-powered access points can extend the area of coverage.

What’s more, our base station batteries are charged using solar energy at Event WiFi HQ – so you can be off-grid, eco-friendly AND connected to super-fast WiFi internet.

  • Active Traffic Management
  • Prioritise or block traffic
  • Enhance user experience

We can work with a venue’s existing internet connection – extending its strength, reliability and coverage where necessary – and bond it to our own technology to boost speed and performance. That means we’re never limited by what’s already in place and can deliver exactly what your event needs.

The dependably consistent connectivity we make possible is not just desirable, it’s absolutely essential in some applications, such as webcasting or providing payment gateways where transactions fail without fast exchange of data.

Power to the people

Once we’ve got super-fast internet coming into your event, we have a number of clever ways to distribute it to the masses, whether that’s a few hundred people or a few hundred thousand.

Cat 5 ethernet cabling is good for networking devices at distances up to 100 metres, but we can also provide fibre links that can span up to 10 kilometres.

Our self-service WiFi solution is a simple, cost-effective way to bring bullet-proof internet connectivity to your event. All the tech you’ll need is contained in a robust flight case, about the size of a piece of carry-on airline luggage. A 4G LTE connection bundled from up to four network providers ensures reliable and fast WiFi. No technical knowledge is needed – simply plug in to a regular 13amp power source, switch on, and you’re online in a couple of minutes. Any problems, and our technicians can log in remotely to trouble-shoot and have you up and running, so you’re never on your own.

At Event WiFi, we believe that how technology is used is as important as the technology itself. We design our WiFi solutions to eliminate ‘single points of failure’, with fall-back options that kick in should one link in the tech chain fail. We can provide systems that are completely self-sufficient and feature multiple different connection methods to guarantee service. The load balancing technology we use to optimise connections is the same as that on NASA’s Mars Rover. We make sure you always get the best tech, deployed in the best way.

Whatever the size, venue and location of your event, we will get you connected.

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