Event WiFi Solutions For Indoor & Outdoor Events

Have you ever attended a conference or event and failed to even get a basic WiFi connection?

Well that’s down to traffic, where too many users are sapping the event venue’s bandwidth and the system can’t cope with the demand.

Anyone going to a major business meeting or event will expect to be instantly connected to the internet.

Most business venues will have a WiFi connection but will it be strong enough for your needs?…Read more

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Our Technology

We know that not everyone cares how we do what we do, so long as we do it, but just in case you’d like the technology low down, here it is:

At Event WiFi, we pride ourselves on being able to provide super-fast, rock-solid internet anywhere it’s humanly possible to go.

To do that, we deploy the most cutting edge technology available, whether using satellite links, mobile networks or existing venue connections.

The next-generation satellite technology we use delivers speeds of 30 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload.

However, by putting multiple connections together, we can achieve far greater speeds and ensure reliable, always-on internet access…Read more

Indoor Events and Conferences

Anyone who has done business in a hotel or conference centre will have experienced bandwidth problems.

Traditionally laptops would get online through an Ethernet cable whilst tablets and smartphones would sign up to the local WiFi hotspot.

That’s where the connection problems start as most hotels and conference centres won’t have enough bandwidth for people using multiple smartphone devices – especially not at the same time.

A slow and intermittent connection won’t impress anyone attending your event. Everyone knows in the modern world that a poor WiFi connection is bad for business….Read more

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Outdoor Events

If you’re hosting an outdoor event such as a VIP riverbank party or a team building exercise in a royal park, your guests and employees are going to bring along their smartphones and will want to upload pictures onto Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing images is a vital part of any social experience.

However, if you don’t have free WiFi available then your event is likely to disappoint guests. Everyone needs access to the internet and mobile signals are often weak or unavailable….Read more

Hospitality Suites

Wherever you’re hosting guests, you want to make sure that they can get on the internet. 

They may want to share details of the event with their friends or colleagues, or they may need to check their work emails when they’re out of the office. 

Whatever the situation, a perfect connection is key….Read more

Hospitality Suite with WiFi
Football pitch

Media Events

If you’re organising an event, and you’re going to have a big press group there, you want to make sure that they’re able to report back on anything that goes on.

With everyone now being in possession of a smart phone that can take photos and upload them to the web, it’s getting more harder for photo journalists to make sure that they’re the ones who get their photos out first….Read more

Broadcasting and Webcasting

Outside broadcasting has long been the area of the major television channels, but things are changing. 

The arrival of the internet has seen live web-casting become more and more popular. 

The difficulty with it, of course, is that it’s reliant upon a decent internet connection.

That’s fine if you’re sitting in an office, using your normal work computer and internet connection, but what if you want to do something a bit more creative?….Read more

Broadcasting and Webcasting

Music Festivals

Music Festivals are very popular. Apart from the rain and lack of washing, one of the most moaned about issues is the lack of internet connection. 

If someone is at a music festival, they want everyone to know. They want all of their friends to share the experience, so it’s important to let people know what a great time they’re having…..Read more

Local Events

If you’re running a “local” event, the chances are that you’ll want to make the most of every promotional chance available to get more visitors at the event on the day.

Event WiFi doesn’t just provide you with a prime internet solution for your visitors, it gives you the opportunity to get those visitors to promote your event for you…..Read more

Film & TV Production Internet

Film, TV & Advertising

On-location communication is important for today’s film, television and advertising production.

Technical and production crew need fast access to online resources as well as the ability to upload footage against tight deadlines…..Read more