New Plug and Go Mini brings reliable internet solution to outdoor and temporary events in the ‘new normal’

A brand new device from Event WiFi is already proving invaluable in helping organisers and businesses bring reliable internet to outdoor event and temporary venues.

The Plug and Go Mini is the latest product in Event WiFi’s Plug and Go range, offering high quality, reliable internet for everything including ticket scanning and payment gateways. 

 The plug-and-play solution offers an easy, affordable solution to businesses and event organisers as they adapt to meet ongoing restrictions on indoor gatherings and large events. A soft launch over the past fortnight has seen the Plug and Go Mini already look set to be Event WiFi’s most successful product to date.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a rapid growth in open-air events and temporary venues, meaning organisers need to be able to secure high quality internet connections – often at short notice. 

 The Plug and Go Mini is answering that demand, offering the same quality as Event WiFi’s Plug and Go Pro and Plug and Go Lite but in a smaller package. It features two internet connections, as well as the option to connect to a venue’s network, and uses bonded technology for supreme reliability. The Plug and Go Mini also offers dual band WiFi and unlimited data. 

The Mini (pictured above) works anywhere in the UK and Europe and can be shipped straight to a venue. 


“We have seen how event business have had to adapt to the new world and it’s because of this we have introduced the Plug and Go Mini. We are really excited about the Plug and Go Mini – never before have we been able to offer unlimited data and reliability at such a low price. 

 “With large indoor gatherings off the table for now, open-air events and temporary sites are becoming more and more important. However, unlike traditional locations, these new event spaces often have unreliable internet accessibility which is not only inconvenient but can be a safety hazard too. 

 “Our Plug and Go products bring secure, reliable internet connections to venues, providing the perfect solution for the TV and film industry, the medical sector, and the events industry. 

 “Temporary internet doesn’t have to mean unreliable internet. The Plug and Go Mini is already helping businesses ensure they can stage impressive events with the internet capability of a permanent venue wherever they like. It’s another tool in their toolbox when it comes to adapting to today’s difficult conditions.” 

Adam Steadman, CEO

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