WiFi For Hospitality Suites

There are many things that make a great host and ensuring guests can get solid WiFi or internet is an increasingly important one when it comes to laying on first class hospitality.

Whatever the event – from a suite at a sports stadium or racetrack to a corporate box at a concert venue – Event WiFi can provide an exclusive, super-fast WiFi connection that raises the experience to a new level. It might be that guests need to keep an eye on emails while out on a jolly. Or they might just want to share with the world what a great time they’re having – thanks to your generous hospitality.

Hospitality Suite with WiFi
  • Ensure fast connectivity whatever the event or venue
  • Limit access to create exclusivity benefit for guests

Not all venues can provide a decent internet connection within their hospitality suites, whether at a large venue or a more remote location. Event WiFi can guarantee a connection for all your guests and can also limit access to just your suite, giving them that bit of extra VIP exclusivity.

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