Get Me Connected Fests-out at Sandown

This time last week, Get Me Connected was in attendance for the second edition of Festout. Festout is an exhibition for anyone involved in the creation of outdoor events.

Due to us being sponsors of the WiFi and having two stands, Get Me Connected’s presence at Festout was hard to miss. On our main stand, we showcased our award-winning WiFi providing kit and our new banners.

Our plug-and-play WiFi boxes made an appearance. Where they impressed many of the exhibitors, with them being called “event WiFi solutions in a box”. Yet it wasn’t these boxes that we used to provide WiFi for the public attending our stand. Instead, our internet back haul was set up on the stand and connected using four 4G sim cards. We then used an omni-directional WiFi bridging station to connect these to access points around Festout. All this powered via a large battery.

Although, it was our secondary stand that featured in a video clip posted on Festout’s Twitter. Our CEO featured in a highlight video, showing off his archery skills on our VR competition.

We powered both of our stands with our own solar-charged battery packs. These packs provided electricity for our lights, computers, and TV for the whole of the two days.

Despite being at the tail-end of September, the summer weather remained for both days. Leading to an enjoyable two days at Sandown Park for a variety of companies, from event WiFi to toilets.

Alongside the exhibitors, some highlights of the two days were:’s cannon firing contest with a bottle of Champagne up for grabs. RentaDinosaur drew crowds with their huge T-Rex costume/puppet hybrid. There was also an appearance by the ‘Future of Entertainment’ Titan the Robot.

Yet, despite the fun aspects. There was over twenty in-depth presentations and panels about the organisation of an outdoor event. These ranged from emergency planning to the future of technology to the impacts of Brexit on safety laws and legislation.

For everyone in attendance, Festout was full of opportunities to meet some of the greatest minds in the outdoor events industry.

Including those of the younger generation, as Festout hosted the Access Next Generation Awards at the end of the first day. These awards recognize the most talented individuals in the industry who are under the age of 30. The winner’s ceremony was presented by lead Access editor Tom Hall and will be posted online soon.


Get Me Connected CEO Adam Steadman said. “Festout gave us more opportunities to create new relationships with fellow exhibitors. We also got the chance to build on existing ones as well.

“Maintaining these relationships is important to us. As it ensures that the other exhibitors know that we are the go-to people for reliable event WiFi.

Festout was a new experience for us but we enjoyed our time there.”

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