Case Study #2 – Scripin – Connecting parties in an icy basement and afloat on the Thames

Client: Scripin

Brief: Connecting parties in an icy basement and afloat on the Thames

Case Study Details

Scripin is an events platform that lets people share photos and videos via a dedicated app which can then also beam the content feed onto screens at the venue.

Connecting parties in an icy basement and afloat on the Thames

Get Me Connected worked with Scripin at two private parties in London, each with their own technical challenges.

Thames boat cruise

Scripin was asked to bring their photo and video sharing experience to a party on boat cruising the Thames between Southwark and Greenwich. Despite being in central London, there was no access to a fixed internet connection and the venue was constantly moving.
Jack said: “One issue facing the app was how strong the signal was going to be as we went up and down the middle of the Thames. Tests showed that it was pretty limited and with a close concentration of 100 or so people it would pose a threat for the app to even function.”
Get Me Connected deployed a 4G booster which amplifies the network signal in a particular area.

“As we were moving along the Thames, this 4G booster gave us full signal. Throughout the night people were able to access our app easily and post photos and videos. We were then able to output that content from computer onto the screens they had on the boat.”

“What Get Me Connected did was absolutely invaluable. We just wouldn’t have been able to make it work otherwise.”

Ice Bar basement bash

For a party at London’s famous Ice Bar, it wasn’t the -5°C chill that posed the difficulty but the fact that the event was being held in a basement room.
Jack said: “I called Adam at Get Me Connected a week before the party and he came down to check out the venue. Within two hours he had figured out what we needed and had the kit all sorted.”
“Being in a basement was obviously going to be a challenge as there wasn’t a dedicated WiFi offering and neither was there a good network signal. We discussed with Get Me Connected whether it was better to create a WiFi signal or a 4G data signal. We went with 4G and it worked perfectly.”

Get Me Connected has been a trusted partner to Scripin across various events, providing dependable connectivity solutions.

“We’ve worked with Get Me Connected a lot and the solutions they have come up for all the events have worked perfectly – and worked very well for us in terms of what we do for our clients. I couldn’t recommend Get Me Connected highly enough.”

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