Case Study #1 – Scripin – Getting a music festival connected in rural Suffolk

Client: Scripin

Brief: Getting a music festival connected in rural Suffolk

Case Study Details

Scripin is an events platform that lets people share photos and videos via a dedicated app which can then also beam the content feed onto screens at the venue.

BardFest is a music festival in Bardwell, Suffolk, that has been growing each year since its launch in 2010.

For the past two years, Get Me Connected has worked with Scripin to let festival-goers share their pictures and videos, and see themselves up on screens around the festival site.

While the rural setting was beautiful, it lacked the means to get online that’s essential for the full Scripin experience.

Scripin co-founder Jack Rogers said: “One of the reasons we asked Get Me Connected to help us out was there was very limited signal. They came and did a site visit with us to see what would be required.”

Get Me Connected implemented a dedicated satellite link to provide WiFi internet connectivity across the festival site.

Jack said: “Get Me Connected created a satellite link that we could use to allow guests to log on to a WiFi network and use the Scripin app to share their images. We could then display all these great images on screens around the festival venue.”

Get Me Connected set up four access points, creating a rectangular WiFi coverage zone.

“The hotspots allowed us to have a big enough area that anybody could use the app and get involved. It also meant people had full internet access, too.”

Get Me Connected technology meant Scripin could deliver their service flawlessly, delivering value for their client through an enhanced festival experience.
“We also had giveaways and worked with the live acts and put their video content on the screens as well. Festival sponsors got extra uplift through competitions we ran over the two days.”

Get Me Connected provided technology that enabled Scripin to meet their clients’ needs in quite demanding circumstances.
“Working with Get Me Connected is a pleasure. They really know their stuff about WiFi, 4G and network signals – knowledge we don’t have. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any festival organiser who might be worried about the network signal or coverage at a venue.”

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