Case Study #4 – Rooftop Film Club

Client: Rooftop Film Club

Brief: Providing WiFi to venues in Stratford, Peckham and Shadwell

Case Study Details

Rooftop Film Club are pioneers in outdoor cinema, screening cult, classic and new release movies at rooftop venues in the UK and USA.

Getting connected to keep pace with growth

Screening movies on unique, quirky city rooftops has proved a hit among film-goers and as Rooftop Film Club established its niche market, reliable, fast internet connectivity became an operational imperative.

Operations Manager Harry Warren said: “As our venues and technology continued to grow at Rooftop Film Club, we required internet access for our cinema software throughout the summer season, across three key London venues in Stratford, Peckham and Shadwell. On average, up to 150 people attend each night, while the rooftop bar can also attract its own public audience each night.”

Connectivity is vital to enable the screening technology but also to create a professional, seamless experience for film fans.

“Our goal was to enhance the customer journey, improve our reporting process by having access to cloud-based software across each site, take card payments and introduce activations through WiFi for our customers to enjoy extra benefits at our rooftops. “

City rooftops make for stunning settings for movie watching, but they mean significant technical challenges – in particular, being exposed to the elements and having a stable connection to work with in the first place. For Rooftop Film Club, Get Me Connected has been a dependable event WiFi partner with the capability to deliver the very latest technical solutions, tailored for each venue.

Harry said: “Get Me Connected provided and installed hardware that allowed us to manage our internet connections, both between staff and customer portals. These extra portals also became very useful for us in terms of collecting data and improving the experience for our customers based on information we never had access to before Get Me Connected got involved.”

The result was a successful summer season during which Rooftop Film Club built on their technologies to continue to improve each event. The Get Me Connected team was always available to troubleshoot any technical issues that cropped up, giving Rooftop Film Club complete peace of mind.

Harry said: “We were super impressed with how quickly they could design and implement a solution. We often work on very changeable venues with short lead times, and so their flexibility and willingness to help is an asset that we found extremely helpful throughout working with Get Me Connected. Plus they are super friendly, always helpful and a pleasure to work with.

“If you’re looking for a solution to your event and aren’t sure where to start, Get Me Connected are the ideal fit and will provide professional advice, leading technologies and support throughout the whole process. It’s a no-brainer.”

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